• New Zealand

    Dairy products

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  • UHT

    Milk Products

    Creamy and delicious. Perfect for every day consumption. Available in 200ml, 250ml and 1 Litre cartons.

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  • New Zealand

    Infant Formula

    World best quality. Dairy or Goat powder formulations. Available in 400g, 900g and sachet packaging formats.

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  • Creamy

    New Zealand Butter

    World best quality. Salted and unsalted. Available in 250g, 500g and 25kg packaging formats.

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We deliver New Zealand Dairy & Meat products

to most locations in China, Asia & the Middle East using proven supply chain partners

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Product Features

  • Compliance at time of slaughter
  • Adherence to animal welfare standards
  • Training and supervision of our Halal slaughtermen
  • Maintaining long term relationships with proven supply partners
  • Never compromising on the quality of food ingredients we source and supply
  • Adhering to strict quality control standards across the supply chain.
  • An investment in quality assurance staff and systems to mitigate risks
  • Insisting on the highest levels of food hygiene and safety from all our suppliers
  • Maintaining traceability of foodstuffs across our supply lines.

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