New Zealand Halal Lamb

Lamb Whole Carcass

Our Lamb is classified according to maturity, fat content (GR measure) weight and in some cases muscling. Classification also exists for export mutton. Please refer to the NZ Lamb & Mutton Carcass Classification Guide.

Standard carcasses have the following removed when dressed for export: Skin, head, feet all internal and genital organs, the viscera, intestines and offals, kidney fat, tail and thin and thick skirts.

A Lamb is defined as a young sheep under 12 months of age which does not have any permanent incisor teeth.

Halal Certification Conditions

  • All animals are handled gently
  • Livestock is hand slaughtered by a Muslim
  • God's name is recited audibly
  • Appropriate vessels are severed
  • Quality processing and distribution.